How I Killed My First Succulent

My Plant Journey

Since starting my plant journey I have stuck to buying primarily green leafy plants and skipping over succulents. I have nothing against them, you just tend to see a lot of them in Arizona.

I decided to try my hand at growing after seeing a few beautiful succulents which I didn’t even know existed. Now if you remember in my first plant post, Finding the Light, I did buy two snake plants, but I thought I would try my hand at smaller succulents.

Burro’s Tail was a plant that I had seen in a local store’s outdoor garden area. It is ADORABLE! I just love how it looks and the name made me smile the whole way to the register.

These cuties are known for being a low maintenance plant and great for novice plant enthusiasts like yours truly. With this information I was pretty confident with buying them along with a bag of succulent and cactus soil mix.

Now, I’m known for jumping the gun and getting ahead of myself when I start a new project. With that said, succulents were no exception. I should have realized that if the little ones were doing fine in the soil mix they were in, then I could have left them in it. This is the first mistake I made.

Once I got home I immediately went out back and re-potted them. Just writing this and remembering what I did has me wincing. I decided to mix regular soil with the succulent mix I purchased. My calculations were off though, while you want well draining soil, this mix just had water flowing right through it.

The next mistake I made was just assuming that since it is a succulent that it would want to be put in the sunniest happiest spot in the house. That was also wrong. Just like store bought fish, plants need to be slowly introduced to their new environment when coming straight from the nursery.

Unfortunately, the little guys just couldn’t handle the shock from my mistakes and started losing its leaves, browning, and then ultimately dying.

Rushing head-first into a new project is something I do all to much and this was a learning experience I had to have. I’ve slowed down and read a lot more before taking on any plant project. While I know now the mistakes I made, I’m still a bit timid to buy another succulent.

Maybe this weekend I’ll be brave and pick up another pair. With hard work and patience, I know I can make this work!