10 Winter Flowers That will Melt Your Heart

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Winter is a littler late here in Arizona, but we’re feeling it now! Coats and scarfs are out and I’m loving it. While not all plants love the cold, I wanted to make another list of my top ten favorite winter-loving plants for your garden this season.

1. Snowdrop

True to their name, the Snowdrop is an adorable little bulb that is a perfect ornamental flower. These flowers can grow in all light exposure and will keep growing throughout winter and spring. While these sweet smelling flowers look dainty, they are actually poisonous and should be kept away from pets and always handled with gloves.

2. Witch Hazel

While there are many different kinds of Witch Hazel my favorite is the Chinese Witch Hazel which can reach up to twenty feet! I love its name and spidery petals that give it an eerie look. It is a popular spicy smelling flower that grows from small trees in the fall and winter months. Witch Hazel is not picky with its sunlight but does need well draining soil.

3. English Primrose

Most Primrose can be found in full bloom during spring months, but the English Primrose is a must have for your winter garden. There is a multitude of colors to choose from and they grow well in all light. They have a wonderful smell that will attract birds to your garden. Containers are great for this flower and it doesn’t require much maintenance.

4. Winter Jasmine

Growing up, my mom always had vines of Jasmine crawling up the side of our home. Because of this I’m always nostalgic when I smell it’s sweet aroma. While a vine is very common, Jasmine also comes in the form of bushes, small trees, and large shrubs. The Winter Jasmine is a shrub that can grow up to seven feet tall with yellow flowers.

5. Crocus

Crocus are an adorable flower that blooms primarily in the spring, but there are types that bloom in the winter months. I love the Firefly Crocus which is a purple flower with a golden center that is normally just under four inches. These little guys love the light and will add a beautiful pop of color to your winter garden.

6. Winter Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle are an amazing vine that is loved by hummingbirds! Sun is best for this quick climbing vine and will give off an amazingly sweet smell. Sitting out by the garden during it’s blooming months make for a serene experience.

7. Hellebore

Hellebore are white flowers with speckles of purples, reds, and blues towards the center. It reminds me of taking a lightly coated paintbrush and using it to create a splatter effect on a white canvas. Among the Hellebore is the Christmas Rose which is crisp white in color and adds a light touch to your garden. These flowers prefer shaded areas with moist soil.

8. Calendula

The particular type of Calendula we are looking at is a Daisy Mix. This flower comes in gorgeous yellows and oranges that will remind you of a sunset. If you are in a warmer climate, plant in partial shade to keep the flowers from getting too hot. You can also add the petals of this flower to recipes since it is edible!


The Viburnum will bloom on a shrub that can grow up to twenty feet tall! This shrub also produces deep colored berries in blacks, blues, reds, and pinks. Full sun and a drier location is best for this plant.

9. Winter-Flowering Cherry

Cherry Blossom trees are my favorite tree and I’m so happy they made it on this list. These beautiful trees need full sun and are known to create beautiful shaded areas beneath them. The flowers vary in shades of pink and white and have a sweet refreshing smell when in bloom.

10. Cineraria

The Cineraria comes in many colors and is a beautiful addition to a garden. This plant likes bright light, but a cool environment and moist soil are a necessity if you want to see yours flourish. Keep in mind that this plant is poisonous so be sure to keep it out of reach of children and pets.

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed this list and try some of these wonderful flowers in your garden. Let me know if you have a favorite winter flower that I didn’t mention.

Until next time!

Source: Better Homes & Garden, https://www.bhg.com


10 Autumn Flowers to FALL in Love With

Top 10

Fall is finally here in Arizona! We have broken into our sweater vaults and using the heaters in our cars. Fall is my favorite season because there are so many opportunities to go outside in enjoyable weather.

This also means that if you have a backyard garden you can tend to it comfortably. To celebrate, I wanted to offer my top ten Autumn flower picks!

1. Chrysanthemums

Mums are easy to plot if you keep in mind the distance between each flower. They should thrive through the fall and come back the following spring as long as you have given them time to develop a strong root system. They come in a vast number of color variants and variegations, you’ll have a hard time choosing just one!

2. Michaelmas Daisy

Asters love the sun and thrive in full sun-light. These cuties come in a few colors and have big golden centers. There are tons of different species of Aster. They are easy to grow and simple to maintain. Asters are gorgeous little wildflowers that are a must in your fall garden!

3. Heliopsis

Heliopsis or commonly known as ‘Ox Eye’ are usually a Summer flower, but due to our warmer temperatures in Arizona, they grow into our Fall as well. One great thing about having these in your garden is the amount of butterflies they attract. These flowers remind me of mini sunflowers and love the sun and require little water.

4. Sweet Alyssum

Sweet Alyssum are hands down one of the best smelling flowers for your fall garden! They have a sweet smell and they look like a plush carpet when planted. We actually see a lot of these in Arizona gardens since they are so resilient to heat during our summer months.

5. Dahlias

Fun fact, The National Garden Bureau has picked Dahlias as the bulb of the year! These big, beautiful, and bushy flowers love the sun and cool climates. However, they are not the easiest flowers to grow. While they can be grown in the hotter states, moist and cool weather is preferred for best results.

6. Cornflower

I love Cornflowers! They are my favorite little wildflower. Finches, Rabbits and Bees all flock to these sweet blue flowers. They are super tough and can hold up in freezing temperatures. They add the most beautiful pop of blue to any home garden.

7. Rudbeckia

Rudbeckia is another great wildflower that loves sun and doesn’t need too as much water as some of the others on this list. They are such cute flowers that look like little rays of sunshine. Their beautiful strawberry-like centers attract bees, but they’re worth sharing since they smell so great!

8. Pansies

Another cutie is the Pansy. They come in a huge variety of colors and they are easy to find in your local stores garden section. The reason these are a favorite of mine is because they have cute little faces that add life to your garden. This flower thrives in cool temperature and are sun-loving!

9. Dianthus

Carnations are my favorite kind of Dianthus. You may recognize this flower from store-bought bouquets and notice this flower is usually the last one standing. They are really tough beautiful flowers and they have such a fresh smell. The color and variegation possibilities for this flower are endless and they have many meanings behind their colors. Take a second to look them up!

10. Sunflower

Finally we end this list with my favorite flower, the Sunflower. I absolutely love this flower and they are so easy to grow and manage. If you can beat the birds you can even harvest the seeds! Some sunflowers can grow up to 16 feet and will turn their heads to follow the movement of the sun. I love the idea of having a little sunflower field and selling bunches of sunflowers.

There we are, the top 10 Autumn flowers to fall in love with. I hope you enjoyed this list and leave a comment down below to share your favorite Autumn flower, I’d love to know.

Until next time!