5 Houseplants for Your Home Office this Fall

Top 5

Fall is officially here and it’s time for a change of scenery. Whether you just want to liven up your workspace with this season’s colors or change up the room’s scenery, these houseplants are just what you’re looking for.

Unlike many outdoor plants, houseplants aren’t always affected by the seasons. Fortunately for us, there are many plants that have the Fall color schemes that we’re looking for.

If you are like me, your office is likely someplace you spend a daunting amount of time in. So why not spruce it up the best way we know how? Here are a few of my top picks for houseplants that will make your office feel like Fall.


When someone asks me what houseplant has the best Fall colors I automatically think of the Croton. This plant will amaze you with all of its combinations of sizes and colors. Its colors range from red to green and everything in between.

When placing this plant keep in mind that they vary in size and can easily become too much for a desk or small shelf. Crotons love warmer sunny spots, but be careful that it does not become too dry. Mist this plant regularly and it will thank you with its mesmerizing colors.

Prayer Plant

If you are wanting something up on a shelf or in a hanging basket then a Prayer plant is perfect! They have variegated leaves that fold up at night like hands praying and reveal a beautiful solid color underneath. The Prayer plant brings in many deep purples, pinks, and reds making it rich in color and catches one’s eye with its candy cane like leaves. I know I can’t help but feel calmer when I stare at this plant.

While they don’t require full sun, they are quick to dry up. Avoid overly sunny spots to make sure this plant does not get burnt by the sun as well.

Oxalis Triangularis

Oxalis are a beautiful little plant that, like its name suggests are shaped like triangles. The leaves come in deep colors and have dainty pastel flowers that bloom in the spring and summer months. Their darker red and purple colors are the perfect addition to an office and will help your concentration with its soothing scent.

Sunny spots are perfect for these little guys and they prefer to be kept cool and watered regularly in a well-draining soil. Though this plant is considered an unruly weed among gardeners, they can be contained and enjoyed indoors.

Polka dot plant

Hypoestes is commonly known as the polka dot plant. These beautiful plants are a great addition to a room that is lacking in color. They come in many sizes and have different kinds of polka dot patterns and variations. This plant will double as a winter accent to the room if you find the red leaf variation. To really bring out its amazing colors, place in a spot that gets bright light.

This plant is much more tolerable of warmer temperatures and loves a good misting due to its native tropical climates. This is an easier houseplant to care for and you will be rewarded with amazing colors and beautiful petite flowers in the Summer.


Alocasia are also known as Elephant ear plants and are easily spotted due to their huge leaves. These plants vary in color but most have purple under their leaves. The veins on the leaves also vary in color and accentuate them.

Keep in mind when placing this plant that the plant can grow over twelve feet. Alocasia love sunlight and water so place them by a bright window with frequent waterings to keep the soil moist. Keep this out of reach of children and pets due to this plant being toxic if ingested.

I hope you have enjoyed this Top 5 and look into these plants for your workspace! I personally have each of these colorful cuties and love having them around me.

Until next time, stay safe!


5 Cardigans You Need This Fall

Must Haves

Hello everyone, it’s Fall and it’s beautiful outside! Cardigans are a must in the fall and there are so many different kinds to choose from. Luckily for you I went onto a few sites in order to gather options for your cardigan selections.

I wanted to chose a variety of stores so they didn’t all feel or look the same. I also provided photos so you can see the way each lays and their lengths. These will also be added to my Pinterest incase you would like to save them for style inspiration.

I’d love to know if anyone buys one of these cuties. Tag me on your social media if you do!



Striped Cardigan Sweater $28.99


Angashion Leopard Print Knit Cardigan $29.99


Fuzzy Longline Cardigan $45


Cable-knit Cardigan $49.99

Goodnight Macaroon

Caroline Shawl Collar Open Front Cardigan $75

10 Autumn Flowers to FALL in Love With

Top 10

Fall is finally here in Arizona! We have broken into our sweater vaults and using the heaters in our cars. Fall is my favorite season because there are so many opportunities to go outside in enjoyable weather.

This also means that if you have a backyard garden you can tend to it comfortably. To celebrate, I wanted to offer my top ten Autumn flower picks!

1. Chrysanthemums

Mums are easy to plot if you keep in mind the distance between each flower. They should thrive through the fall and come back the following spring as long as you have given them time to develop a strong root system. They come in a vast number of color variants and variegations, you’ll have a hard time choosing just one!

2. Michaelmas Daisy

Asters love the sun and thrive in full sun-light. These cuties come in a few colors and have big golden centers. There are tons of different species of Aster. They are easy to grow and simple to maintain. Asters are gorgeous little wildflowers that are a must in your fall garden!

3. Heliopsis

Heliopsis or commonly known as ‘Ox Eye’ are usually a Summer flower, but due to our warmer temperatures in Arizona, they grow into our Fall as well. One great thing about having these in your garden is the amount of butterflies they attract. These flowers remind me of mini sunflowers and love the sun and require little water.

4. Sweet Alyssum

Sweet Alyssum are hands down one of the best smelling flowers for your fall garden! They have a sweet smell and they look like a plush carpet when planted. We actually see a lot of these in Arizona gardens since they are so resilient to heat during our summer months.

5. Dahlias

Fun fact, The National Garden Bureau has picked Dahlias as the bulb of the year! These big, beautiful, and bushy flowers love the sun and cool climates. However, they are not the easiest flowers to grow. While they can be grown in the hotter states, moist and cool weather is preferred for best results.

6. Cornflower

I love Cornflowers! They are my favorite little wildflower. Finches, Rabbits and Bees all flock to these sweet blue flowers. They are super tough and can hold up in freezing temperatures. They add the most beautiful pop of blue to any home garden.

7. Rudbeckia

Rudbeckia is another great wildflower that loves sun and doesn’t need too as much water as some of the others on this list. They are such cute flowers that look like little rays of sunshine. Their beautiful strawberry-like centers attract bees, but they’re worth sharing since they smell so great!

8. Pansies

Another cutie is the Pansy. They come in a huge variety of colors and they are easy to find in your local stores garden section. The reason these are a favorite of mine is because they have cute little faces that add life to your garden. This flower thrives in cool temperature and are sun-loving!

9. Dianthus

Carnations are my favorite kind of Dianthus. You may recognize this flower from store-bought bouquets and notice this flower is usually the last one standing. They are really tough beautiful flowers and they have such a fresh smell. The color and variegation possibilities for this flower are endless and they have many meanings behind their colors. Take a second to look them up!

10. Sunflower

Finally we end this list with my favorite flower, the Sunflower. I absolutely love this flower and they are so easy to grow and manage. If you can beat the birds you can even harvest the seeds! Some sunflowers can grow up to 16 feet and will turn their heads to follow the movement of the sun. I love the idea of having a little sunflower field and selling bunches of sunflowers.

There we are, the top 10 Autumn flowers to fall in love with. I hope you enjoyed this list and leave a comment down below to share your favorite Autumn flower, I’d love to know.

Until next time!