Reading Habits #BookTag

Book Tag

I have been looking for a Book Tag to do and I’m excited that I found one on Book Inspector‘s blog!

I’d love to read more tag posts and see if anyone has the same habits that I have when reading. If you have a habit that I mention or a weirder one then I’d love to hear about it! Comment down bellow with your thoughts.

Lets get started!

Reading Habits

• Do you have a certain place at home for reading?

I really don’t! I can pretty much read anywhere I can relax. Since the weather has cooled down I have been reading on the couch in our living room under a warm blanket with my pups.

• Bookmark or random piece of paper?

I use a bookmark when one is near, or if I remember to swipe one off the bookcase when I start a new book. I know it’s cringy, but I just dog-ear my pages to keep my spot must of the time.

• Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop after a chapter/certain amount of pages?

I read until I start dozing off whether its mid paragraph or beginning of a chapter. I don’t mind where I leave off when reading since I usually pick the book back up that next day.

• Do you eat or drink while reading?

Sunflower seeds! It was a habit I started back in middle school when I would read at night. It stuck through high school and though I’m reading on the go most days I will snack on them if I’m home.

• Multitasking: Music or TV while reading?

I don’t mind reading with a movie going or music playing in the background. More often than not most evenings consist of music or the TV playing softly in the background in the living room with my boyfriend.

• One book at a time or several?

I usually have one book going at a time and it’s been that way for a long time. Recently though, I’ve gotten into reading work in progress fan fiction and have to wait for updates, so I now have a few going at a time.

• Reading at home or everywhere?

Everywhere! Growing up, my parents were constantly packing us into our Avalanche for road-trips and because of that I have built a habit of reading in vehicles. Maybe it was a coping mechanism or maybe I was just bored, but either way I love reading on trips or wherever I have a book with me. It’s hard not to start reading when I am a passenger.

• Reading out loud or silently in your head?

The only time I ever read aloud is when my boyfriend is having a hard time sleeping. He will ask me to read an article or from whatever book I’m reading at the time to help lull him to sleep. I am not the most confident when reading aloud, so it makes me feel really good knowing he enjoys it.

• Do you read ahead or even skip pages?

I don’t read ahead because I like for a book to surprise me. I love the feeling of rushing to read each paragraph to get to a big part in a book. With that said though, I’m quick to ask for movie spoilers and don’t care if someone ruins the plot for me.

• Breaking the spine or keeping it like new?

I don’t intentionally break the spine when reading, but if it happens then it happens. I love a worn book, it just shows how much a reader enjoyed the story.

• Do you write in your books?

I don’t anymore, but I used to. Back when I was a troubled youth I would write my feelings and insecurities in books sort of like a diary with out a flow. I don’t believe I have any of those books anymore, but that’s probably for the best. I have a feeling it would be too cringy to even re-read.

Readabit Questions

• When do you find yourself reading?

I read all the time, but I tend to read more when I’m stressed or sad. I’ve always used it as a way to get away from everyday life and live through the experiences of the characters. There is just something about happy endings and character growth that has a way of making my heart melt.

• What is your best setting to read in?

My ideal reading setting is probably during the colder months with a chilly breeze seeping in through the screen door. On days like this I will light a warm smelling candle, curl up with my pups under a ton of blankets and read for hours.

• What do you do first – read or watch?

I don’t have a usual rule so, whichever I come across first is fine by me! It has happened both ways, and I’ve found that I kind of like watching the movie before reading a book now. Once I read the book it’s like having all this insight added to your original understanding of the story.

• What form do you prefer? Audiobook, E-book or physical book?

I love physical books. All platforms are great, but I love the feeling of closing a book after I finish the story. There’s something about returning it to the shelf that is just so satisfying.

• Do you have a unique habit when you read?

If I do then I can’t think of of it. A regular habit I have when reading is to immediately look up any word I don’t know. My favorite times are when I am sitting near my boyfriend and I break the silence in the room to ask what a word means, and of course he always has the correct answer.

• Do book series have to match?

Nope! There are a few books that I have that were bought years apart or with movie artwork instead of the original illustration. I think it gives the shelves character.

This was so much fun! A lot of these questions really had me think back to find an answer. I’d love to find another to do, so leave a comment if you have one you’ve done or think I should try!

Until next time!


5 Great Plants in My Home Office

Top 5

Hello everyone!

I have been spending a huge amount of time in my home office which also doubles as my art studio. Since this room has a west-facing window and really great indirect light throughout the day, I decided to place a few plants in this room.

It really boosts moral to look over and see a beautiful green plant rooting for me! (Pun intended)

But, back to the main reason for this post. I have been able to narrow my favorites down to five from my studio and wanted to share them with you all in case you’re looking for a great addition to your favorite space.

Spider Plant

I have two Spider Plants that are super adorable! They have very long leaves with variations of green lining them. This plant is super bushy and heavy when happy. They even have little shoot that branch in warmer months that you can actually propagate or re-plant for a new Spider Plants!

Nerve Plant

The Nerve Plant is such an attractive plant and it feels just like it looks, FUZZY. The leaves have a fuzzy texture that pretty much covers the whole plant including the stems. I could just stare at this plant all day and obsess over its leaves. The Nerve Plant can also have wild red veins that remind me of the green and red candy canes.


Sansevieria is also known as the Snake Plant. This guy is such a versatile plant and can grow happily in direct or low-light. The snake plant has an arsenal of different types of leaves, colors and shapes. My personal favorite is the Trifasciata which commonly have deep green leaves that have a lighter green pattern on them.


Monstera deliciosa is an amazing plant that demands the attention of the room. You can keep it tamed and trimmed or let it grow along a moss pole to loom over any room. This plant is native to the tropical forests of Mexico and is known to grow more that sixty feet in their natural habitat and up to eight feet in your home. The leaves on my big guys are wider than my hand already!

ZZ Plant

The first time I saw the name Zamioculcas Zamiifolia I think I stared at it for a good five minutes trying to get the name out correctly. While it’s name is a mouthful, this plant is better known simply as the ZZ plant. I love the way its leaves are arranged along the stem and the fact that it has an upward growth and fills out nicely when taken care of.

There are so many other wonderful plants that weren’t included in this post. If you have an awesome plant in your favorite space, I’d love to know! Leave a comment down below and share your favorites.

Until next time!

Amazon Books Review

Amazon Books

This weekend I decided to visit the new Amazon Books location in Scottsdale, Arizona. This location opened November 19th of this year, just in time for the holiday season. I joined a group of friends to visit this location for the first time on Saturday. It is quite a ways from where I live and the suspenseful drive had me on the edge of my seat.


When I looked at the photos online for the store it was easy to see that it was not going to be very large. This thought was only reinforced when we arrived. It was cramped and had a very overwhelming first impression. Aside from the confusing layout there are also devices and accessories for home and work. While the walls of the store are lined more or less with books, they also have a variety of small kitchen appliances, board/card games, toys, and electronics. It seemed more like a little department store (minus the clearly labeled sections) than a bookstore. Weaving between displays and navigating single person walkways were irritating and waned on my initial excitement.

The addition of better/larger labels on end caps and walls would have been a great addition. Instead, after we had been in the store for a few I asked my friend what the other end of the store had to offer instead of having an initial idea or a sign to read. Toys, children’s books, and a few electronics were in the back and since that wasn’t on our shopping list we didn’t spend much time in that area.


I asked an employee what the store had to offer us with it’s book selection and she let us know that newly released, top sellers, and 4-star books were stocked which is also what Amazon has advertised. We noted that there was a small section that contained Scottsdale’s favorite books, which was a nice touch and made the store more personable for Scottsdale locals.

Unfortunately, the lack of order and user friendly labels just kept coming back to haunt us. In the photo above you can see that they did use genre labels however, the only indicators you were browsing a different genre were in the style of little black binder-like stoppers. It was honestly aggravating searching for books we had on our lists and in the end some weren’t even in the store.

The books we didn’t find here will just have to be bought at another bookstore. Out of our group of six, only two of us were able to find books that looked interesting or ones that we had come looking for.


One experience I did not have any complaints about was the checkout process. It was really smooth and being a Prime Member has its perks. Bought were, four books and my boyfriend’s addition of two mini Nerf guns. My order total was $64.47 and after having my prime account barcode scanned there was a Prime savings of $18.62 (22%).

I was even able to choose the card making the payment through my Amazon account not even needing to pull out my card for the purchase. My friend making her purchase did not have a Prime Membership and I was able to let her use my barcode to scan for the savings then physically use her card for her purchase. This was all convenient and made for a quick and easy checkout.

The savings are really nice and definitely worth having a Prime Membership. In comparison, Amazon did have cheaper prices for their books than Barnes and Noble would have. And that is without including the discount at the end.


I wanted to provide the books and their prices, plus the price it would have been at Barnes and Noble. (Prices are before Prime discount)

Paperback $10.49

Barnes and Noble- $13.46

Paperback $13.69

Barnes and Noble- $15.30

Paperback $12.24

Barnes and Noble- $14.40

Hardcover $13.29

Barnes and Noble- $17.09


While the selection left much to be desired, I found the staff and bright atmosphere welcoming. And if you are in the market for new releases and popular reads then this will be a great option for you. Knowing Amazon, they will likely keep up with the newest releases and top picks from the website. With their friendly and helpful staff you shouldn’t have a hard time navigating the new store.

The lack of books was something that my friends and I immediately noticed and it made us forget that this is infact a bookstore. We spent around an hour and a half in the store and did not have much to show for it.

The layout and displays are something that should be worked on and due to that, navigation was probably the reason for the amount of time spent in the store. The single person isles were something that took from the experience especially since the baskets that are provided by the store take up so much room.

For the fifty mile round trip drive I find myself confident that I won’t be visiting again anytime soon. I would rather just purchase books on their website instead of dealing with the traffic.

When leaving they have a rate your experience tool and I stand by my original rating of a 3. Maybe with improvement and listening to customer feedback they may rethink their store. If so, then I would be happy to give them another try. Maybe even using a second floor for the electronics, toys, and gadgets.

Let me know your thoughts! Have you visited an Amazon Books near you? Was it the size of a Home Depot? Did it have elbow room? I’m dying to know so leave a comment below!

Until next time!

How I Killed My First Succulent

My Plant Journey

Since starting my plant journey I have stuck to buying primarily green leafy plants and skipping over succulents. I have nothing against them, you just tend to see a lot of them in Arizona.

I decided to try my hand at growing after seeing a few beautiful succulents which I didn’t even know existed. Now if you remember in my first plant post, Finding the Light, I did buy two snake plants, but I thought I would try my hand at smaller succulents.

Burro’s Tail was a plant that I had seen in a local store’s outdoor garden area. It is ADORABLE! I just love how it looks and the name made me smile the whole way to the register.

These cuties are known for being a low maintenance plant and great for novice plant enthusiasts like yours truly. With this information I was pretty confident with buying them along with a bag of succulent and cactus soil mix.

Now, I’m known for jumping the gun and getting ahead of myself when I start a new project. With that said, succulents were no exception. I should have realized that if the little ones were doing fine in the soil mix they were in, then I could have left them in it. This is the first mistake I made.

Once I got home I immediately went out back and re-potted them. Just writing this and remembering what I did has me wincing. I decided to mix regular soil with the succulent mix I purchased. My calculations were off though, while you want well draining soil, this mix just had water flowing right through it.

The next mistake I made was just assuming that since it is a succulent that it would want to be put in the sunniest happiest spot in the house. That was also wrong. Just like store bought fish, plants need to be slowly introduced to their new environment when coming straight from the nursery.

Unfortunately, the little guys just couldn’t handle the shock from my mistakes and started losing its leaves, browning, and then ultimately dying.

Rushing head-first into a new project is something I do all to much and this was a learning experience I had to have. I’ve slowed down and read a lot more before taking on any plant project. While I know now the mistakes I made, I’m still a bit timid to buy another succulent.

Maybe this weekend I’ll be brave and pick up another pair. With hard work and patience, I know I can make this work!

5 Cardigans You Need This Fall

Must Haves

Hello everyone, it’s Fall and it’s beautiful outside! Cardigans are a must in the fall and there are so many different kinds to choose from. Luckily for you I went onto a few sites in order to gather options for your cardigan selections.

I wanted to chose a variety of stores so they didn’t all feel or look the same. I also provided photos so you can see the way each lays and their lengths. These will also be added to my Pinterest incase you would like to save them for style inspiration.

I’d love to know if anyone buys one of these cuties. Tag me on your social media if you do!



Striped Cardigan Sweater $28.99


Angashion Leopard Print Knit Cardigan $29.99


Fuzzy Longline Cardigan $45


Cable-knit Cardigan $49.99

Goodnight Macaroon

Caroline Shawl Collar Open Front Cardigan $75

November Book Haul

Book Haul

Hello everyone!

Recently I went out to a local Barnes & Noble with a few friends to get a drink at the cafe and browse for new reading material. I should have known that I wouldn’t be able to just look. After about an hour and a half in the store I walked out with more than a few books that I am excited to read.

So, let’s get this book haul started and share what I picked up!

IKIGAI The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life

Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles

This book is translated by Heather Cleary for you English enjoyment. Ikigai is a Japanese philosophy and way of life. I admire many aspects of Japanese culture and really think this book looks interesting and I hope to take away tips on how to continue living happily into the future.


Alice Hoffman

The Rules of Magic is the prequel to Practical Magic, which I have heard many good things about. This story follows three siblings in a coming of age tale filled with magic and historical references. I can’t wait to do a book review on this pick!


Terry McMillan

I Almost Forgot About You is a story about change and becoming the person you want to be. It is an inspiring motivational story and I am excited to see if it makes me want to change something about my life.


Laura Silverman

This adorable story is about a weighed down college student with way too much on his plate. After failing a test he seeks out a tutor and gets back more than what he signed up for.


Kelly Coon

Gravemaidens is a story about sacrifice, deceit, and danger within a city-state called Alu. A sisters dedication is strongest when her sister’s life is in danger.


Kevin Panetta and Savanna Ganucheau

Bloom is coming of age story for a boy named Ari. He has recently graduated from high school and Ari wants to quit his family business and move to the big city with his band, but this summer may have other plans for him.


James Gregor

Richard is a graduate student struggling to write and in danger of loosing his funding. In comes Anne, a smart and accepting classmate that has the lifestyle of Richards dreams. After a one night stand with a successful lawyer, he finds himself unable to step away from Anne’s addictive life.

These gems are going to be really great reads and I can’t wait to get started! November’s Good Reads may be a little longer than Octobers with all of these books being read.

Until then, Happy reading!

Here Come the Waterworks

My Plant Journey

I have learned a lot and my last post on being conscious of light placement was just the start. This hasn’t been easy, but I’m confident that I can help these plants thrive. To quote Natsu Dragneel, “Don’t give up, the beginning is always the hardest, so let’s keep on going till the very end.”

It has been a real test of patience and confidence. There have been times when I thought that buying the plants was a waste and that I ruined their chances at having a ‘good’ owner. I have had to push through the self doubt and regret in order to see that this is a learning experience and that I am ready to learn from it.

Something that I have had a troublesome time adjusting to is the watering schedule for our green friends. You would think that plants would just need to be watered about every other day, right? WRONG.

I have learned the hard way that each plant has a sweet-spot with individual water needs. The books I purchased in my last post, Finding the Light, gave a lot of information on watering. However, I found that it was more of a generalization or a guideline. Very few of the books I have found address my exact situation.

Every plant is different and there are a lot of deciding factors when setting up a watering schedule. House temperature, light exposure, and humidity levels are my key variables. Since I can not meet all of these conditions, I found that I do not rely on the book’s ‘recommended watering schedule’.

Since I am new to the plant life, I decided to play it safe and follow the book as best I could. I should have listened to my instincts and watched for the queues that my plants were showing. Unfortunately, I will need to just apply what I have learned into caring for my other plants.

Things that I didn’t know were real problems when having house plants were disease, infestation, root rot, and fungus. I know they sound horrible, but trust me, to a first time plant mom like myself I was terrified. I was afraid to touch or even water them and ultimately ended up doing more harm than good.

While not all plants developed a problem, just having a few with at least one issue was enough to send me straight to good ‘ol Google for guidance. My main issue ended up being the amount and consistency of my watering schedule.

Once I was able to pinpoint the issue and researched the individual problems, I was ready to act!

My English Ivy developed a bad case of spider mites. Spider mites are super tiny insects that attack plants that are too warm and dry. This was a real issue for me because of the limitations I have with the thermostat in my home. We tend to keep it at a steady seventy-nine degrees fahrenheit throughout the end of spring and most of summer making it a tad too warm for this plant.

I tried as many online remedies as I could get my hands on, but in the end I just didn’t catch the infestation early enough. In my attempt to rid the plant of the invaders I tried misting it with soap infused water, rubbing alcohol diluted in water, and things like repotting and cleaning the leaves. There are methods I did not try, like insecticides and sprays that may have worked. I’m a bit worried to get another Ivy in the future, but I definitely know to keep it misted often and kept in a cooler location.

Root rot and waterlogged plants were another unfortunate issue that I ran into. If we think back to the original post for this series, Going Green, you’ll remember that I purchased a few pots along with the plants. Well, I made a beginner’s error and I didn’t think of the plant needing to have a way to drain out residual water.

One of the Golden Pathos was waterlogged and developed beginning signs of fungus. This was found when I was spritzing away at the plants one day and happened to check the soil moisture with my finger. There were little yellow-ish crumbs on the surface and the soil was too damp.

So, of course I was in a panic and ran out to my back patio to try and do some damage control. When I removed the plastic container from the ceramic pot, I saw my mistake.

There was about an inch and a half of water at the bottom and I could see that the roots had just been sitting in it this whole time. I felt so bad. Quickly I grabbed our spare bag of soil and started to slowly detangle the roots from the dirt.

Once that was finished I re-potted the plant and set it closer to the top shelf of the plant stand in the studio. It was a close call and I feel so bad that I over looked that detail when I was potting the plants. To make sure it wouldn’t happen again I bought terracotta pots with draining dishes from my local hardware store.

These issues happened within a week of each other and really got me down. I had a hard time even wanting to touch our plants in fear of ruining them so I got a handy little soil tester to help me out between waterings. A soil tester is a great little tool that is able to give a readout for ph levels, adequate sunlight, and moisture level when placed in the plants soil. It’s like a smartphone for your Monsteras!

This tool is so useful and has really helped me confidently monitor our plants. Once we were able to memorize the watering amounts and duration between waterings I was able to sleep easy.

It took a combination of instruction from the books, gaining appropriate tools, and whole lot of trial and error to reach this point. Some plants just can’t thrive in our home’s environment, and that’s ok. I have what I need now to ensure that I provide the best for my plants with conditions I have.

Remember, you need eight glasses of water a day, but your plants probably don’t!

5 Favorite Purchases from Amazon this Year

Top 5

This year was a very busy year for me and there is no way I could have gotten through it without Amazon. Being a Prime member has come in handy more times than I can count!

I wanted to post a list of my favorite Amazon purchases this year. And since it’s the gift-giving season you may be looking for one of these items! There is no particular order on this list, I was just going down my orders.

I’ll be sure to include any issues or shortcomings I have found with these products.

Grip Replacement Shell for Nintendo Switch eXtremeRate $34.59

This was an extremely fun purchase. I bought this replacement shell in the Sakura Pink and I’m in love with it’s soft appearance. This doesn’t just snap on like I thought though, you actually have to take the Switch apart right down to the circuit boards in the joy cons. It was scary and exciting all at the same time. I’m proud to say that I was able to get through it with the help of a demonstrational video (suggested by the merchant). When all was said and done I had successfully changed the casing and all the buttons work like a charm.


I couldn’t love this purchase more, but I do see a few issues one may have with it. The installation was honestly hell. The only reason I didn’t throw in the towel and ask my boyfriend to do it was out of pure stubbornness. This isn’t a product for everyone but if you have prior experience with electronics, tiny tools, and the ability to follow long and precise instructions, then I think this is really worth your time.

Travel Jewelry Organizer Storage Case ENZO $23.99

This is the most convenient travel case for jewelry I have seen yet. It has a variety of compartments for every type of jewelry I own and the Pink color is to die for. It is very soft and the zipper ultra smooth like, it’s satisfying just zipping the thing! I haven’t been able to take a big trip to use this yet, but it is currently holding my jewelry and I’m itching to take it on the road.


The only downside I can think of is the size of the bag with dimensions of: 9.8″H x 6.1″L x 1.9″W, it may be too large for someone just taking a short trip. Honestly, this isn’t a problem for me since I live for larger bags and totes, so it fits within all of my bags.

12-Month Coiled, Life Planner Erin Condren $48.99

This planner is a game changer! While it’s the most expensive planner I have ever bought, it is also the most used. I have this with me everyday and I am constantly writing in it. I bought this in the In Bloom color with a rose gold coil and I have the horizontal colorful layout. I’m planning on gifting another one of these to a family member so of course I would recommend it to fellow busy-bodies!


Size is once again a con because this planner is 9 x 9 x 1.8 in and weighs a bit over a pound, which makes a real difference in a purse or bag.

Felt Purse & Tote Organizer Insert Pelikus $22

Earlier this year I bought a Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM and I didn’t want to get the inside dirty. I bought this in the Large Blush Pink and it fits perfectly in my bag! I really like the felt and it keeps everything from sliding all over the inside. There are a bunch of pockets and everything has its own place.


I don’t have any cons for this item. The insert is made well, still has room to spare, and does exactly what I needed it to do!

USB C to HDMI 2.0 Cable Adapter LENTION $18.99

This little guy really came in handy and I love how portable it is. I bought it in the rose gold color and it works like a charm with my Macbook Pro. It connects fast and doesn’t have any issues when the cord is moved or bent.


Again, I don’t have any complaints about the item. It works awesome and that’s that! I’m actually using this right now to edit this post.

I’m a constant Amazon shopper and it was a bit hard to narrow my purchases down to just five. Ultimately I went with the products that I use on a daily basis. Looking through my purchases I definitely see a trend with the color pink though.

Have you gotten any of these products? Did you agree with what I said or did you find any other cons? Let me know!

Until next time, happy shopping!

10 Autumn Flowers to FALL in Love With

Top 10

Fall is finally here in Arizona! We have broken into our sweater vaults and using the heaters in our cars. Fall is my favorite season because there are so many opportunities to go outside in enjoyable weather.

This also means that if you have a backyard garden you can tend to it comfortably. To celebrate, I wanted to offer my top ten Autumn flower picks!

1. Chrysanthemums

Mums are easy to plot if you keep in mind the distance between each flower. They should thrive through the fall and come back the following spring as long as you have given them time to develop a strong root system. They come in a vast number of color variants and variegations, you’ll have a hard time choosing just one!

2. Michaelmas Daisy

Asters love the sun and thrive in full sun-light. These cuties come in a few colors and have big golden centers. There are tons of different species of Aster. They are easy to grow and simple to maintain. Asters are gorgeous little wildflowers that are a must in your fall garden!

3. Heliopsis

Heliopsis or commonly known as ‘Ox Eye’ are usually a Summer flower, but due to our warmer temperatures in Arizona, they grow into our Fall as well. One great thing about having these in your garden is the amount of butterflies they attract. These flowers remind me of mini sunflowers and love the sun and require little water.

4. Sweet Alyssum

Sweet Alyssum are hands down one of the best smelling flowers for your fall garden! They have a sweet smell and they look like a plush carpet when planted. We actually see a lot of these in Arizona gardens since they are so resilient to heat during our summer months.

5. Dahlias

Fun fact, The National Garden Bureau has picked Dahlias as the bulb of the year! These big, beautiful, and bushy flowers love the sun and cool climates. However, they are not the easiest flowers to grow. While they can be grown in the hotter states, moist and cool weather is preferred for best results.

6. Cornflower

I love Cornflowers! They are my favorite little wildflower. Finches, Rabbits and Bees all flock to these sweet blue flowers. They are super tough and can hold up in freezing temperatures. They add the most beautiful pop of blue to any home garden.

7. Rudbeckia

Rudbeckia is another great wildflower that loves sun and doesn’t need too as much water as some of the others on this list. They are such cute flowers that look like little rays of sunshine. Their beautiful strawberry-like centers attract bees, but they’re worth sharing since they smell so great!

8. Pansies

Another cutie is the Pansy. They come in a huge variety of colors and they are easy to find in your local stores garden section. The reason these are a favorite of mine is because they have cute little faces that add life to your garden. This flower thrives in cool temperature and are sun-loving!

9. Dianthus

Carnations are my favorite kind of Dianthus. You may recognize this flower from store-bought bouquets and notice this flower is usually the last one standing. They are really tough beautiful flowers and they have such a fresh smell. The color and variegation possibilities for this flower are endless and they have many meanings behind their colors. Take a second to look them up!

10. Sunflower

Finally we end this list with my favorite flower, the Sunflower. I absolutely love this flower and they are so easy to grow and manage. If you can beat the birds you can even harvest the seeds! Some sunflowers can grow up to 16 feet and will turn their heads to follow the movement of the sun. I love the idea of having a little sunflower field and selling bunches of sunflowers.

There we are, the top 10 Autumn flowers to fall in love with. I hope you enjoyed this list and leave a comment down below to share your favorite Autumn flower, I’d love to know.

Until next time!

Finding the Light

My Plant Journey

Having house plants has been a great upgrade from our previously drab interior. Everything is so lively and the air feels lighter!

Now, I may have bitten off a little more than I can chew by buying so many plants. Finding the right light for each plant was such a process that it felt like a research project. I had bought two books on Amazon to familiarize myself with the new additions.

The first book I bought was Houseplants by Lisa Eldred Steinkopf. This book was a bit pricey at 20.00 dollars, but you always have the option on buying used. There was so much useful information in this book! It goes over things like watering, light, illnesses, plant toxicity, and a bunch of other topics that were really fun to learn about.

For the plants that weren’t covered, I decided to get a book that would go into more species of each generic name of plant. I was able to find The House Plant Expert written by D.G. Hessayon. THIS book! This book is a whole Plant Encyclopedia. I was able to narrow my searches down to the exact species of plant and find what it’s recommended light and water needs are.

Once I found enough information on each plant purchased, which keep in mind I bought a lot, I was ready to start placing them. I wanted to make sure I was setting the little guys up for success in the optimal home environment possible.

The light aspect was a bit tricky and I had to compromise on some of the placements. I was limited to placing plants in the living and dining rooms with east-facing windows, en suite with a south-facing window, and my art studio with a west-facing window.

It was a real challenge getting each plant in what I believed was the best position. I ended up buying the cutest plant stand to put in my studio. I love how sturdy this item is and I was able to place a lot of plants over by the one and only window in the room.

Now, I really wish I would have payed more attention to the humidity needs of each plant. I end up trying to at least mist them twice a day since I also have a full time job. Something that I am grateful for is dehydration warning wilt that plants have to let us know they are not getting enough water. It is easy to see this warning and make sure they get a thorough watering.

Unfortunately, I have gotten some of the placements for the plants incorrect and have had to relocate a few of them. As a result, my dining room table has turned into a small plant nursery. Thankfully my boyfriend is a great sport and hasn’t asked me to re-relocate them.

I also found that I have a great little nook in my living room that has two windows in the same corner for double the exposure! We ended up putting an older plant stand we had in the corner and it works perfectly!

Now, to address the placements. In the dining area we have Monsteras on the kitchen table along with our ZZ plant and a Pathos, The Chinese Evergreen is in the magical living room nook and a Golden Pathos is on the living room table. Snake plants have been put on the top rack of the plant stand in the studio with the most light along with our Burros tail and String of Hearts. On the lower shelf we have a Fittonia Albivenis (Nerve plant) and the last Pathos. Also in this room is the English Ivy and Money tree.

Now that the plants have their respective homes we will cross our fingers and hope that they thrive. Wish me luck!