Thrift Haul


Hello everyone!

I really enjoy thrifting for clothes and books. Many times you can really find one hell of an item for an amazing price. My younger sister and I recently went thrifting and found a bunch of goodies! So let’s jump into the photos! I’ve noted what stores we found them at and their amazing prices.

I’ve paired these items with other clothes, accessories and shoes in my closet to make simple looks for this post.


Goodwill/ Savers

Goodwill- $5.00 Women’s Small striped long sleeve

Savers- $10.49 Women’s Large olive green utility jacket


$10.99 Men’s Large Red Ohio State crew neck sweatshirt

$10.99 Men’s Large Grey Purdue University crew neck sweatshirt

$6.49 Women’s Large navy button-down

$5.49 Men’s Small red button-down

Plato’s Closet

$14.00 Women’s Medium Champion color-block cropped sweatshirt

$8.00 Men’s Large Green Boston crew neck sweatshirt

$17.00 Men’s Small Levi denim jacket

$10.00 Women’s Medium cropped long sleeve blouse

I’ll put together a separate post for the work outfits I was able to put together.

I hope you all like this layout. If you have any questions or tips please let me know!

Until next time, stay safe and thrift responsibly!


Goodnight Macaroon Boot Review

Boot Review

Hello! I hope you all are having a great day.

Today I thought it would be fun to review a pretty popular boot among fashion influencers, Goodnight Macaroon’s Over the Knee Suede Leather Boot. It’s a beautiful boot with a two inch chunky heel that is a staple for your fall and winter wardrobes.

Purchase & Delivery

These boots come in ‘Ellis’ Black, ‘Carina’ Taupe, and ‘Marlo’ Tan. Last year I bought a pair of these boots in black and in taupe from the Goodnight Macaroon website. It’s on the pricey side in my opinion and I only shop there to get statement pieces for my closet maybe once a year. The boots have a size conversion chart from EU sizes to UK and US sizes. I had a coupon code from an Influencer that gave me 40% off my purchase, but they currently have their Cyber Monday sale at 30% off site-wide.

Products ship from India and took four days to arrive with expedited shipping of $10. I had to make sure I was home to sign for the packages since I didn’t have the ability to opt-out and have them leave it at the door. But once I received the product I was really impressed. These boots are soft! The quality is really nice and there weren’t any signs of glue on the outside or under the heel.

Try On

I know that over the knee boots can be a hassle to put on and take off, trust me. But dang these were so easy to put on! There was just the slightest pull on my jeans when I was putting them on, but it was easily fixed thanks to the zipper along the back of the boot. The zipper starts mid-calf and ends at the bottom of the heel. I also had room to wear a chunkier crew sock which is usually my remedy for the jean issue with taller boots.

The top of the boot reaches about mid-thigh on me. Usually I run into boots that are not tight enough on the thigh and fall down the longer I wear them. It is such a pain to keep tugging at the top of your boots to keep them in place. Luckily these guys stay in place and the only tugging I had to do was when I was taking them off.

I had worn them to my family’s Thanksgiving party last year and received so many compliments on them. The only things I can’t stand about this boot is that for the price they are seriously uncomfortable after two hours and there is little support from it’s thin sole.

I ended up buying inserts to fix the discomfort, but it’s annoying that a great boot like this was seriously lacking in something as simple as comfort.


Overall, I am going to give these boots 4 out of 5 stars. I love the boots despite the discomfort. It was an easy fix putting in the gel inserts, but it was still enough of a pain to dock a star. I would recommend this boot to someone who is wanting a beautiful boot that will catch eyes and turn heads regardless of the discomfort.

Until next time!

5 Cardigans You Need This Fall

Must Haves

Hello everyone, it’s Fall and it’s beautiful outside! Cardigans are a must in the fall and there are so many different kinds to choose from. Luckily for you I went onto a few sites in order to gather options for your cardigan selections.

I wanted to chose a variety of stores so they didn’t all feel or look the same. I also provided photos so you can see the way each lays and their lengths. These will also be added to my Pinterest incase you would like to save them for style inspiration.

I’d love to know if anyone buys one of these cuties. Tag me on your social media if you do!



Striped Cardigan Sweater $28.99


Angashion Leopard Print Knit Cardigan $29.99


Fuzzy Longline Cardigan $45


Cable-knit Cardigan $49.99

Goodnight Macaroon

Caroline Shawl Collar Open Front Cardigan $75

5 Favorite Purchases from Amazon this Year

Top 5

This year was a very busy year for me and there is no way I could have gotten through it without Amazon. Being a Prime member has come in handy more times than I can count!

I wanted to post a list of my favorite Amazon purchases this year. And since it’s the gift-giving season you may be looking for one of these items! There is no particular order on this list, I was just going down my orders.

I’ll be sure to include any issues or shortcomings I have found with these products.

Grip Replacement Shell for Nintendo Switch eXtremeRate $34.59

This was an extremely fun purchase. I bought this replacement shell in the Sakura Pink and I’m in love with it’s soft appearance. This doesn’t just snap on like I thought though, you actually have to take the Switch apart right down to the circuit boards in the joy cons. It was scary and exciting all at the same time. I’m proud to say that I was able to get through it with the help of a demonstrational video (suggested by the merchant). When all was said and done I had successfully changed the casing and all the buttons work like a charm.


I couldn’t love this purchase more, but I do see a few issues one may have with it. The installation was honestly hell. The only reason I didn’t throw in the towel and ask my boyfriend to do it was out of pure stubbornness. This isn’t a product for everyone but if you have prior experience with electronics, tiny tools, and the ability to follow long and precise instructions, then I think this is really worth your time.

Travel Jewelry Organizer Storage Case ENZO $23.99

This is the most convenient travel case for jewelry I have seen yet. It has a variety of compartments for every type of jewelry I own and the Pink color is to die for. It is very soft and the zipper ultra smooth like, it’s satisfying just zipping the thing! I haven’t been able to take a big trip to use this yet, but it is currently holding my jewelry and I’m itching to take it on the road.


The only downside I can think of is the size of the bag with dimensions of: 9.8″H x 6.1″L x 1.9″W, it may be too large for someone just taking a short trip. Honestly, this isn’t a problem for me since I live for larger bags and totes, so it fits within all of my bags.

12-Month Coiled, Life Planner Erin Condren $48.99

This planner is a game changer! While it’s the most expensive planner I have ever bought, it is also the most used. I have this with me everyday and I am constantly writing in it. I bought this in the In Bloom color with a rose gold coil and I have the horizontal colorful layout. I’m planning on gifting another one of these to a family member so of course I would recommend it to fellow busy-bodies!


Size is once again a con because this planner is 9 x 9 x 1.8 in and weighs a bit over a pound, which makes a real difference in a purse or bag.

Felt Purse & Tote Organizer Insert Pelikus $22

Earlier this year I bought a Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM and I didn’t want to get the inside dirty. I bought this in the Large Blush Pink and it fits perfectly in my bag! I really like the felt and it keeps everything from sliding all over the inside. There are a bunch of pockets and everything has its own place.


I don’t have any cons for this item. The insert is made well, still has room to spare, and does exactly what I needed it to do!

USB C to HDMI 2.0 Cable Adapter LENTION $18.99

This little guy really came in handy and I love how portable it is. I bought it in the rose gold color and it works like a charm with my Macbook Pro. It connects fast and doesn’t have any issues when the cord is moved or bent.


Again, I don’t have any complaints about the item. It works awesome and that’s that! I’m actually using this right now to edit this post.

I’m a constant Amazon shopper and it was a bit hard to narrow my purchases down to just five. Ultimately I went with the products that I use on a daily basis. Looking through my purchases I definitely see a trend with the color pink though.

Have you gotten any of these products? Did you agree with what I said or did you find any other cons? Let me know!

Until next time, happy shopping!