Finding the Light

My Plant Journey

Having house plants has been a great upgrade from our previously drab interior. Everything is so lively and the air feels lighter!

Now, I may have bitten off a little more than I can chew by buying so many plants. Finding the right light for each plant was such a process that it felt like a research project. I had bought two books on Amazon to familiarize myself with the new additions.

The first book I bought was Houseplants by Lisa Eldred Steinkopf. This book was a bit pricey at 20.00 dollars, but you always have the option on buying used. There was so much useful information in this book! It goes over things like watering, light, illnesses, plant toxicity, and a bunch of other topics that were really fun to learn about.

For the plants that weren’t covered, I decided to get a book that would go into more species of each generic name of plant. I was able to find The House Plant Expert written by D.G. Hessayon. THIS book! This book is a whole Plant Encyclopedia. I was able to narrow my searches down to the exact species of plant and find what it’s recommended light and water needs are.

Once I found enough information on each plant purchased, which keep in mind I bought a lot, I was ready to start placing them. I wanted to make sure I was setting the little guys up for success in the optimal home environment possible.

The light aspect was a bit tricky and I had to compromise on some of the placements. I was limited to placing plants in the living and dining rooms with east-facing windows, en suite with a south-facing window, and my art studio with a west-facing window.

It was a real challenge getting each plant in what I believed was the best position. I ended up buying the cutest plant stand to put in my studio. I love how sturdy this item is and I was able to place a lot of plants over by the one and only window in the room.

Now, I really wish I would have payed more attention to the humidity needs of each plant. I end up trying to at least mist them twice a day since I also have a full time job. Something that I am grateful for is dehydration warning wilt that plants have to let us know they are not getting enough water. It is easy to see this warning and make sure they get a thorough watering.

Unfortunately, I have gotten some of the placements for the plants incorrect and have had to relocate a few of them. As a result, my dining room table has turned into a small plant nursery. Thankfully my boyfriend is a great sport and hasn’t asked me to re-relocate them.

I also found that I have a great little nook in my living room that has two windows in the same corner for double the exposure! We ended up putting an older plant stand we had in the corner and it works perfectly!

Now, to address the placements. In the dining area we have Monsteras on the kitchen table along with our ZZ plant and a Pathos, The Chinese Evergreen is in the magical living room nook and a Golden Pathos is on the living room table. Snake plants have been put on the top rack of the plant stand in the studio with the most light along with our Burros tail and String of Hearts. On the lower shelf we have a Fittonia Albivenis (Nerve plant) and the last Pathos. Also in this room is the English Ivy and Money tree.

Now that the plants have their respective homes we will cross our fingers and hope that they thrive. Wish me luck!


Author: Mindy Erxleben

Hi, I’m Mindy, a freelance writer and blogger. I absolutely thrive on creative projects and ideas and that has led me to seeking out a way to profit from doing what I love. Which, in my opinion is how we all deserve to live. So here I go, taking the big step into the rest of my future! I can’t wait to work with you.

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